Fine motor skills!

The children in the Foxes class have been working hard on their fine motor skills already. There has been lots of opportunities for them to do this including huge chalks in the playground to encourage them to make roads or other marks on the pavement. Some of the children have been exploring what happens when they mix powder paints with rain on the floor. In small group time the children were given the opportunity to practice their cutting skills with different resources like paper, card, wool and fabric. There has been plenty of opportunities to use their fine motor skills to complete puzzles. The children have enjoyed messy fine motor practice such as in shaving foam, coloured sand, tweezing lentils and pasta and finger painting. When a map in a story book caught the interest of lots of the children, we suggested they might like to draw their own maps. Lots of pirate play ensued with lots of fine motor skills involved in creating their own maps.   


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