Spring Term - Foxes

In Foxes we carefully plan opportunities for the children to use their Literacy skills in the Nursery environment. From chalking outside to mark making on the writing table. Each week the children have the opportunity to visit our school library and swap their books for new ones. This has motivated many of them to revisit the book corner again and again over the week to find the book they chose. We link many of the activities to the children’s interests. For example, the boys were enjoying writing on the small whiteboards outside so we brought in the huge one for them to mark make on.





Spring Term - Cubs

In Cubs rooms the children are enjoying their favourite stories.  One of them is ‘The Owl Babies ‘ which they have been using the story sack at large group time. Some of the children have drawn the owls for the display board in their nursery.  The Cubs are talking about and showing how to care for living things through having a vets as a roleplay and inviting their pets into nursery for a visit and talk about how they look after them.

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